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Code of Conduct Policy


Abbreviations Used: Healthcare Professionals (HCP), Healthcare Service Provider (HSP) & Health Specialists


  1. HCP, HSP & Health Specialists must register on the Website to join the platform.


2.  HCP, HSP & Health Specialists information retrieved or edited will be reviewed by before being posted to the public as such may remove information that are not relevant without any liability whatsoever.


3. During the registrations’ review by team, HCP, HSP & Health Specialists must provide documents such as ID, practice of medicine/profession proofs; in order to be able to access their accounts and start consulting.


4. team might ask for a physical interview and might offer to help the HCP, HSP & Health Specialists in editing the text and images until it matches the required quality standards.


5. In the case of a positive decision, the HCP, HSP & Health Specialists will be approved of so that he/she can start to receive consultation request from patients on platform.


6. HCP, HSP & Health Specialists may always edit their Profiles and such changes might be subject to review and amendment by before going public.


7. HCP, HSP & Health Specialists, during a consultation, will only provide answers to questions related to their field of expertise as specified in their profile.


8. HCP, HSP & Health Specialists must provide the User with an answer to every question in an informative way.


9. HCP, HSP & Health Specialists have, within the limits imposed or permitted by the applicable laws, the duty to report questions or answers that they deem to be spam, pervasive, harmful to certain Users or of a criminal nature.


10. Medicine prescription should follow the rules and regulations imposed by local authorities of the practicing Physician as such the Patient should make sure that these prescriptions are legal in the jurisdiction that the Patient adheres to; as such is not liable in any way for any kind of prescription procedure that has been done through platform.


11. The sale or advertising of any medical drug on platform by any way or mean is strictly forbidden.


12. Any transgression of the above-mentioned obligations may result in the removal of the HCP, HSP & Health Specialists from and the banning from the Website.


13. It is illegal for HCP, HSP & Health Specialists to share a User’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and/or medical case with any third party unless the purpose is to discuss it with a doctor or Physician colleague for diagnosis and treatment or in case of any court demand for the revelation of such information.


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